Wonder Woman: The Working Mom

Sep 10th, 2015

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Wonder Woman: The Working Mom


As a mother of three, difficult would be an understatement when it comes to maintaining a career full-time AND being a mother. After much of my own research and a few fails, I thought it’d be a good idea to share with everyone the few tactics that have helped make the balance easier on myself:

  • Having many responsibilities while being a working mother can become overwhelming. Add an infant to the mix and the equation looks something like a junior year of college’s organic chemistry problem. Prioritizing and organizing my daily responsibilities makes my life much easier. A calendar of family events, doctor appointments, chores and work deadlines help with keeping me on track. Every night before I go to bed, I write a to-do list for the next day. I also do things before I go to bed to set myself up for success the following morning; packing bags and lunches, setting out everyones clothes, planning breakfast, and setting the coffee machine make my mornings a bit easier. Having a to-do list of 5 items that need to get done and a calendar insure that I am leading a productive day and in the long term, a productive week.


  • My support system makes the weight of the busy world feel lighter. Having a group that I can talk to and get advice from, help with pick-ups when I’m running behind, car-pools and play dates help so much with the busy life of playing Super Mom.


  • Although easier said than done, it’s important to establish boundaries. leaving work at work isn’t a possibility for me but I’ve established a specific amount of time that work from home and make it the same time every day. Usually, when the girls go to bed, Im back to work. Which leave my time with my girls, for my girls.


  • When I’m spending time with my kids they get my full attention. I’m not checking my phone or on the computer. We are interacting with each other and although there are some days where I don’t even have the energy to breathe, I know it’s important.


  • I make it a point to create time for regular family fun! It  allows me and the kiddies to have something to look forward to. I make a schedule that work best for that week and stick to it!

Balancing a career AND being a mom, aka Wonder Woman, is hard work. It’s one full time job to the next. Remember to stop and smell the roses because it will all go by way too quickly!