Specialty Bootcamp Week Has Begun At Mommycise!

Mar 24th, 2015

Category: Mommycise Workouts

Specialty Bootcamp Week Has Begun At Mommycise!

If you haven’t joined us at Mommycise recently you have really been missing out! Our specialty workouts began in March with our Fabulous Abs and New Year New Booty week. Now this week we feature a very special BOOTCAMP WEEK! Normally we reserve our bootcamps for Saturdays so our weekend warrior Mommies can come in for an all-in-one workout, but this week ALL Mommies can enjoy the benefits of our bootcamp classes EVERY DAY!

What does Mommycise consider “Bootcamp”?

Mommycise Bootcamp is a fun, energetic mix of full body exercises that aims to burn fat and increase endurance with little rest in between circuits. Babies & Toddlers can enjoy this workout with Mommy and it is also modified for every fitness level Beginner all the way to our Athlete Mommies! We use tools such as our rope ladder, jump ropes and more like a typical bootcamp style workout would use, with added tools like our Bosu’s, resistance bands, sliding discs and weights! Our bootcamps are indoors in our safe, cool studio! Get the hardcore workout you need without the distraction of outside elements, and you don’t have to worry about baby getting into any trouble at Mommycise because she is right there with you the whole time!

We look forward to seeing you at our Bootcamp classes and many more at Mommycise! Get in this week to have a great time with a different style bootcamp each day! You should aim to do at least 2-3 Mommycise classes per week for optimal results!