Return to exercise after baby?

Apr 7th, 2015

Category: Mommycise Workouts

Return to exercise after baby?

We get calls and emails constantly from new Mommies wanting to know how soon they can get back to working on their pre-baby body. Well, the answer is not as simple as the standard “6-8 weeks or when you doctor says so”. Yes it is required to get your medical clearance before officially
“working out” but you can start as soon as your ready! In fact, our Mommies start to travel back to classes just a few weeks after baby..not to necessarily jump back into the workouts full throttle, but to get mentally prepared! Yes, the earlier you practice getting your morning routine together, the better your chances of successfully starting your workout regimen in a timely manner. Just getting up and out, into the fresh air and seeing other Mommies is usually enough motivation to get ready to Mommycise!
Here are a few tips for the Mommies of newborns!:
-Start by planning ahead..yes we know with the lack of sleep, showers and you’ll have total baby brain,
-Get your bag packed the night before- It will make a huge difference when you are trying to make it on time or at least close to on time!
-Take out your workout clothes and sneakers and keep by your bed so thats the first thing you are throwing on in the morning.
-Have your breakfast made or at least planned out and get some snacks packed for the baby bag for YOU!
-Tell your friends you are going to workout , YES post it on Facebook, Instagram will keep you accountable! (you can also come to Babycise as soon as you want to, as that is all development milestones, music and motion, which you can never start to introduce too early!)

At Mommycise, we strive to make sure that you can spend those precious moment with your baby that most moms miss out on because they think they can’t get a good workout in with them. Why leave them with a sitter to go workout, or in a dirty gym daycare where, YES they WILL get sick! Our Mommies get SORE because their muscles LOVE the pump, they get their energy back FAST, and they LOVE making new friends..Our instructors are always able to lend a hand when needed, not just to check your form, but to hold occupy a new baby so mommy can do her Mommycise Baby Burpees!

Finally, If your not truly ready to get up and out, IT’S OK! Its all up to you how you want to manage your time as a new Mommy. We are here to help make it as easy as possible for you and are sure you will love spending the moments that go by so fast with us at Mommycise.