Simple Halloween Costumes for Kids

Sep 22nd, 2015

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Simple Halloween Costumes for Kids

Princesses and minions and superheroes, OH MY! It’s that time of year again, just 38 days until Halloween! We Thought it’d only be appropriate to follow up our Busy Moms blog with some no-sew, homemade Halloween costumes! (sewing, ain’t no-body got time for that!). We gathered together some of our craftiest Moms to come up with some simple, DIY costumes you can do in just minutes!

  1. Kids-creative-costume-DIY-Halloween
    It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

You’ll Need:

– Yellow Rain Coat and Boots

– Colorful Umbrella

– Small Stuffed Cats and Dogs

– Homemade Rain Drops

– String

– Hot Glue Gun


1. On top of the umbrella, hot glue the stuffed cats and dogs one at a time, allowing them to dry over night.

2. String the home made rain drops so that they will hang and glue them around the rim of the umbrella.

3. Put the rain coat and boots on to pull the look together.

pig-costume-kid2. Pig In a Blanket

You’ll Need:

– Pink Onesie

– Pink Felt (4 pieces )

– Pink Headband

– Pink Ribbon

– Scissors

– Pencils/ Pens

– Hot Glue Gun

– Pink Acrylic Paint (water based)/ Paint Brush

– Pink  Button

– Large Bottle Cap

– Blanket


1. On the pink felt, draw one ear. Use the first ear as the template for the other three.

2. Glue the edges of two ears together and let dry.

3. Glue the ears to the pink headband.

4. Paint the bottle cap with the pink acrylic water based paint and let dry overnight.

5. After the bottle cap has dried, glue the pink button on the front of the bottle cap.

6. Glue the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the cap.

7. Put on the onesie, the headband and the nose. Have your child wrap a plain blanket around them and VOILA!

Toddler costume lamb diy
3. Little Lamb

You’ll Need:

– One White Sleeveless leotard

– One black long sleeve onesie

– Two 20x35in pieces of wool blanket batting

– Two pieces of black felt

– Two pieces of taupe felt

– White cotton knit cap

– Hot glue gun

– Scissors

– Pen

– Card stock paper to create a template

– Iron

– Black pencil eye liner


1. Take the white leotard and lay it out.

2. Using a hot glue gun, glue pieces of wool blanket batting in 3 inch pieces to create different textures. Do this for the entire white leotard to create the body.

3. Using a piece of paper, draw one large sheep ear and one small inside lamb ear. These will be your templates.

4. Using the large lamb ear template, cut two large ears using the black felt.

5. Using the small lamb ear template, cut two small ears using the taupe felt.

6. Glue the taupe felt small ear in the center the large black felt ear so it looks as if the black ear is the outline of the smaller taupe ear. Do this twice and let dry over night.

7. After drying over night, fold the ear in half lengthwise so their is a crease down the center. Iron it on the medium-hot setting to create a crease down the center.

8. Lay each ear over the hat, 3 inches from the bottom with the taupe side in and glue to the knit hat.

9. Put the black onesie on first and then the white one over top. Finish off the look with the knit hat and a bold dot of eyeliner on the nose and your little lamb is ready to go!

DIY kid costume jelly fish4. Bubble Wrap Jelly Fish

You’ll Need:

– White onesie

– Clear Umbrella

– Bubble Wrap

– Clear packing tape

– White enamel paint

– Hot glue gun

– Lightweight iridescent cellophane

– Scissors

– Clear Craft glue

– Blue/ Purple Glow sticks (as many and needed to line cross spokes)

– Blue/ Purple Ribbon


1. Open the umbrella and cover all of the metal or black parts with white enamel paint.

2. For the first 8 tentacles, cut strips of large bubble wrap on diagonal between bubbles, varying lengths by taping two or three strips end to tend with clear packing tape.

3. Tape one tentacle per inside rim of each umbrella panel.

4. Cut 16 strips of small bubble wrap 22 inches long and 5 inches wide. Shred and twist 1 long edge of each. Cut 8 same size strips of lightweight iridescent cellophane and sandwich each between 2 bubble strips. Hot-Glue smooth edges of tentacles and ribbons of different sizes to umbrella spokes.

5. Cut 2 base strips from small bubbles, wide and as long as you like. Shred the long edges.

6. Cut 8 strips of small bubbles and shred 1 edge of each. Hot glue the smooth edges of 4 strips to each center strip (each side). Tape thick tentacles to the cross spokes at the top of the umbrella. Tie ribbon to cross spokes, different lengths.

7. Cut smaller bubbles to paste to white onesie.

8. Crack and tape glow sticks right before leaving.

8. Put onesie on and grab your umbrella, your ready to trick or treat!

baby costume gumboil machine DIY5. Baby Gumball Machine

You’ll Need:

– Baby pilot cap

– Solid red turtleneck body suit

– Black Pants

– Multicolor Pom Poms (1 inch/ 80 per package)

– One Piece of Gray Felt

– One Piece of Black Felt

– Craft Glue

– Silver Felt Marker

– Hot Glue gun


1. Using craft glue, glue the multicolor pompoms on the pilot cap, covering it completely with none of the same colors touching. Let dry over night.

2. Using the gray felt and black felt cut two squares. The gray felt will be the larger square that the smaller black felt square will fit into. Glue the black square to the inside of the gray square.

3. On the black felt square, use the silver felt marker to write big “25 Cents.”

4. Hot glue the felt square to the chest area of the red body suit.

5. Put your red body suit on first, then the pants and cap. You’ve got yourself the most adorable gumball machine!

And if you want to “oohh and ahh” over more adorable DIY halloween kiddie costumes, we’ve started a Halloween Board on Pinterest you HAVE to check out. Click here! Its full of fun season treats, crafts and halloween ideas.