Health and Fitness Tools that Make Great Gifts this Holiday Season

Dec 15th, 2015

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Health and Fitness Tools that Make Great Gifts this Holiday Season


From the bombardments of sugar coated treats and stressed out shopping, to cocktail parties with families and friends over the holiday season, it is absolutely a challenge for someone to focus on his or her fitness goals.

We all have a person in our lives who is into fitness or their new year goal is to begin. A few moms from Mommycise Fitness got together to comply a list of their absolute favorite fitness gadgets that they can NOT get by without. They all make GREAT gift ideas!



Gymstick is one of today’s most popular exercise tools at homes and health clubs. Originating all the way from Finland, this gymstick is a portable and versatile device that can be utilized for lean body toning and fat loss, as well as for any other fitness goal. Whether you are on travel or simply at home during this holiday season, you can use this gimmick to keep your slim figure. This fitness tool is made up of a soft foam hand grip, a supple fiberglass stick and a pair of latex rubber resistance tubes along with sturdy fabric loops at both tips.

This is a recommended tool for core workout, sports performance workout and toning workout. Through simply twisting the gymstick, you can immediately decrease or increase resistance. Unlike other pieces of workout equipment, this one is easy to use and cheap. Buying it includes a 60-minute gymstick DVD, instruction and workout posture, carry bag, and a sophisticated fabric cover. Anywhere in the US, ordering the product includes free shipping. is a fitness app which you can use to watch over your healthy habits. After logging in your fitness and commendable meals, workout and other healthful choices, you will earn Wellcoins. Wellcoins can then be used to get to the marketplace and purchase healthy foods, workout gears and gym classes.


Hydro Flask

While other bottles tend to leak and sweat, the stainless steel material and durable insulation design of this hydro flask keeps your drinks cool for over a day without sweating. In addition to that, it also keeps hot liquids hot. It is an ideal item to include in your gym bag. It costs $59.99.


Zumba Fitness System

Zumba is now a popular way to stay fit. If you are ready to join the bandwagon, This Zumba DVD which comes at $59.60 can be perfect for you. It comes with simple moves to achieve and keep a fit figure. Both kids and adults can follow the steps in the DVD. With music and moves from a variety of styles like belly dance, hip-hop, salsa and more, this can be a fast-paced and fun workout for everybody.


Fitbit Tracker

From the company Fitbit, Fitbit Tracker utilizes a three dimensional accelerometer to determine user movement. It measures steps and combines it with user details to calculate calories burned, distance walked, floors hiked and activity intensity and duration. It utilizes an OLED display to show such information. It also calculates quality of sleep through tracking cases of restlessness, how long does it take for a wearer to fall asleep and how long does he actually sleeps.