Getting Started

Ready for your first Mommycise Fitness experience?

  1. Register to create account.
  2. Purchase the First Time BOGO!
  3. Sign up for your desired class time.
  4. Bring your baby to class and HAVE FUN!

And here is some class information you need to know!

  1. Wear sneakers and workout clothing…this is a real workout!
  2. Hydrate! Bring a water bottle with cap/lid.
  3. Snacks and bottles/sippy cups for little ones are welcome.
  4. Bring a yoga mat (optional, they are provided).
  5. Baby bag that zips/buttons/flaps closed.
  6. Baby blanket for baby (optional, we have soft nap mats for babies).
  7. Baby car seats, bumbos, playmats, toys, ipads or anything you would like for your baby is welcome.
  8. Baby carriers can be worn for portions of the workout so please bring if you would like.