The Mommycise Experience


This is the workout for every mom.

THE MOMMYCISE EXPERIENCE (1)This is the workout that offers new and expecting moms the chance to achieve a new level of fitness while bonding with their babies…and having fun! Mommycise Fitness is an innovative experience crafted by Kim Goodman, mother, the legendary personal fitness instructor.

Music is a fundamental part of the Mommycise experience. Class playlists are created with the latest songs and upbeat music assuring a fun, new class every time.

The Mommycise Experience is unlike any other. Every effort has been taken to offer Mothers a safe, clean, beautiful space to spend time with their little ones, be active, healthy and build relationships with other mothers.

Mommycise Fitness

Includes fat burning intervals, strength training, cardio and stretching combined in an hour sessions, using personal body weight, baby, resistance bands, stability balls and more. Each class is specifically designed to get moms back to exercising, using safe and effective, post-natal sensitive workouts.

As a Pre-Natal Mommyciser in Mommycise Fitness, just as each pregnancy is unique, the Mommycise workout will be altered to fit the needs of each expecting mother.

Along the way, we also wanted to play our role in motherhood mindfulness. A beautiful blend of traditional yoga and the amazing Mommycise experience.

Movement, Music and Milestones
Research suggests that what a young child experiences in the early years lays the foundation for lifelong learning and behavior. The programs at Mommycise Fitness, appropriately named “Infantcise,” “Babycise” and “Toddlercise” are founded on this principle. The children are introduced to sensory-motor experiences that involve the coordination of movements and in conjunction with music and sensory play, will promote growth and development for infants, babies and toddlers.