Mommycise Fitness is THE premier workout for Mommies to do WITH their Babies! It’s the only REAL fat burning, strength training and toning class held in a beautiful, air-conditioned baby proofed studio. Each class is specifically designed to get moms back to exercising using safe and effective, post-natal sensitive workouts. We use our own bodyweight, baby, and some Mom-approved resistance tools to get an AMAZING calorie burn in each class. Our professional creative team of Mom-Trainers use Mommycise ‘baby rockers’, ‘baby lifts’ and ‘baby ups’ as well as many other signature Mommycise exercises. The class also includes intervals of cardio, so it’s an ALL IN ONE workout that leaves mom energized and baby sleepy just in time for naptime!

Mommycisers enjoy a jam-packed monthly activity calendar that includes, races, workshops, charitable involvement, Moms nights, playdates, family events and much more. Lose weight, get fit, meet other Mommies and bond with your baby guided by THE #1 Mom Trainers in South Florida! Babies start as early as 6 weeks (or as soon as Mommy has medical clearance to resume exercise) all the way up to toddlers! Serving South Florida Mommies & Babies since 2004! Join the experts in Mommy/Baby Fitness and see why we are THE #1 Mommy/Baby Fitness program! NO SITTER, NO WORRIES, NO EXCUSES! GET TO MOMMYCISE FITNESS TODAY!